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Giorgio G Cognac Selection

              by Giorgio GUCCI      



Giorgio G XO Cognac, over 35 years old, is a harmonious blend of more than seventy different eaux-de-vie from the area of Grande Champagne, selected for their characters and their softness. The ageing process is made inside oak casks that enhance our cognac with subtle aromas. The first wave of aromas and flavors offers a dense fruity overtone of orange and passion fruit. Its composed almond bouquet has floral overtones of wild rose, then, it evolves into more concentrated notes of Chocolate, Coffee. It has a deep mahogany color accented by brilliant glints of red flames. The cognac is rich and concentrated, with superb balance dominated by butter vanilla and chocolate with some leather,humus and under wood notes. Powerful cognac with long structure, fruits and spices that makes a full bodied and refined cognac. It has excellent lingering qualities in the mouth for over twenty minutes after drinking.

Cognac 50 years old. Color: Shiny with coppery glints Smell: Crystallized dry fruit such as grape, notes of dry prune, apricot with smoked oak notes and light vanilla aroma. Jasmine and honeysuckle notes Taste: powerful and well-built, well balanced, slightly spicy bouquet with pepper notes, length in mouth, full-bodied.

Cognac over 50 years old Color: Gold color with shiny glints Smell: Very elegant cognac,with notes of dry prune, elder, with light vanilla aroma. Jasmine and honeysuckle notes more present than in ref 6628. Grapes flower aroma. Notes of Butter. Taste: very well balanced,soft,easy to swallow,well balanced,with nutmeg,vanilla and licorice notes, length in mouth, full-bodied.